The forests of Kommerniemi are diverse and easily passable, which makes them well suitable for independent backpacking and berry or mushroom picking. You can enjoy the Finnish forests quite freely as long as you respect the limitations of the right of public access.

By taking a boat to the lake you’ll be able to see the lakeside scenery at its best. You can pick an attractive spot, go ashore, and enjoy a picnic. Each cottage has a boat, and there is an option for renting an outboard motor. We also rent canoes.

A paddling route fit for families and beginners is the Oravareitti paddling route that starts from Juva. The route extends all the way to Sulkava, 20 kilometres from Kommerniemi.

A half an hour drive away in Rantasalmi you’ll find Linnansaari National Park. Linnansaari has several marked trails for hiking.