In Punkaharju, about 60 kilometres from Kommerniemi, you can visit Lusto, a forest museum and a science centre. Kesämaa, Summerland in Punkaharju offers watery fun for children.

Mikkeli is the provincial capital of the Province of Eastern Finland. Mikkeli is about 80 kilometres from Kommerniemi – not too far for a nice day trip. Why not spend a whole day in Visulahti Travel Centre, where you can enjoy Dinosauria, water adventure park, Motor Park and a Wax Cabinet, for example.

The most famous attraction in Savonlinna is the Olavinlinna castle. In summer the Savonlinna marketplace is bustling with life as the town surrounded by lakes is filled with opera festival guests and other tourists. Take a scenery cruise around the town for interesting stories about the town’s history.