Booking enquiries by telephone or E-mail. We will send you a bill after you have booked a cottage. You can confirm your booking by settling a 150 euro booking fee. The rest of the cottage fee is payable five weeks before the beginning of your accomodation. If the accomodation starts in less than five weeks, the whole sum becomes payable as one payment. The person making the booking must be of age.

General booking terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below apply for renting cottages from us. These terms and conditions are binding to both parties and designed for our mutual benefit.

The terms and conditions apply after the customer has settled the booking fee (e150). The booking is considered as fully confirmed, when the customer settles the accomodation bill by the due date. If we haven’t been able to record the payment in 5 days after the due date, we are entitled to cancel the booking.

Arriving to Kommerniemi

When you reach the main building at Kommerniementie 811, you will receive the keys and further driving instructions to your cottage. Please let us know if your time of arrival is other than 4.00 p.m. Customers may be asked to provide identification cards.

Advance booking periods

During A-season, the minimum advance booking period is one week. During seasons B, C, and D, the minimum advance booking period is two days. When booking for a week, the booking starts on a Saturday (Sat-Sat). For other bookings, the starting day will be settled case by case.

Staying in Kommerniemi

The guests have access to the cottage from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival until noon on the day of departure. For weekend bookings, the time extends from Friday 2 p.m. to Sunday 9 p.m. The rent includes free right to use the rented property, electricity for heating, cooking and lighting, bedding (mattresses, duvets, pillows), firewood, and dishes and cutlery. Customers should leave the cottage tidy and clean. You can also book a cleaning service for the day of departure in advance. The lessor has the right to charge customers, if the cottage is left uncleaned.

Please do not accomodate more people in the accomodation property than the number of people you have reported when booking the accomodation. Using tents, camping vans or caravans on the property is not allowed without the owner’s permission.

If you intend to bring pets, please inform us in advance. Pets are allowed in Haapio, Varila and Mäntylä cottages.
Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited!

Customers are liable to compensate for damage incurred to the property or its movable property during their stay.


Please address notifications of defects on the property’s equipment and condition directly to the lessor.

Terms of Cancellation

Cancellations by phone or in writing are accepted. If cancellation is made no less than 5 weeks before the beginning of the said accomodation, the settled amount is refunded, booking fee excluded. If cancellation is made no less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the said accomodation, 50 per cent of the settled rent is refunded. If we are able to re-rent the property for the same or reduced price, the sum is refunded to the cancelled party (excluding the booking fee).

If a booking is cancelled due to a severe illness, accident or death of the person having booked the property or a person of the same group before the beginning of the accomodation, the accomodation rent is refunded, booking fee excluded. In these cases we require a medical certificate or other reliable account on the reason for the cancellation in 14 days from the cancellation. Cancellation is to be made immediately and before the beginning of the renting period.

Our right to cancel a booking

We have the right to cancel a booking if the following exceptions occur:
– In case of force majeure. The customer gets a full refund of the rent.
– In case of an unpaid advance or final bill by the due date.

Have a nice holiday!